Additional Services

Real Estate Services

Listing Services for your property:

1. Expert analysis of your property's market value

2. Market comparisons and contract preparation.

3. Online listing set up on MLS, Zillow, 

Purchase of your next property:

1. Guidance on federal and state laws

2. Market analysis to make sure you don't over pay

3. Contract preparation and negotiation

4. Showing of listing that meet your needs

5. Source of other resources such as lending, insurance referrals.

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Legal Shield & Identity Theft

We provide legal defense, for an affordable rate of less $20 for an entire family.

Our pre-paid legal plan provides will preparation at no extra charge, tickets dispute, even 60 hours of legal defense on your first year!

Ever worry about your identity being stolen?

Our plan helps not only monitor your credit, but your email, health insurance, driver's license records, etc.

Our team private investigators will help resolve any identity theft issues for about $19/month.

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